October 19, 2008

"No E-" Day - Proposal

I'm always thinking about a day, on which I avoid of using of any e- (electronic) tools, devices or services.

I know this is difficult, but I need it. For a person like me, who uses computer, internet, mobile, PS3, TV & ... every day, it's hard. I think I'm addicted to "e-" and that's not good over all.

Looking at laptop screen more than 10 hours a day, listening to music by earphones more than 5 hours, watching TV, using mobile phone and ... are not healthy.

Maybe when I'm 50 I will be a hunchback who is blind and deaf.

I think many people in the world need a "No E-" day at least once a year.

I try to have this day on a Sunday or Saturday every two months, and on this day I:

- Turn off my computer
- Don't use Internet
- Turn off my mobile
- Don't watch TV
- Don't play with PS3
- Don't blog!

I hope I can make it ;)

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