April 6, 2014

FUT 15 Wishlist

FUT 15 Logo
At FIFPlay you can also write your ideas for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, your FUT 15 Wishlist - www.fifplay.com/fifa15-wishlist

One of the suggested ideas I've recently seen was about creating national team as your FUT 15 squads. First I found it weird but then I think it's not a bad Idea. You could have a team which is only allowed to hire players with the same nationality and you wouldn't need to spend coins to create such a squad but a high-level of experience instead.

In the other FUT 15 wishlist, I saw someone is asking EA to get more players (license) from minor clubs and all available national teams but just for FIFA Ultimate Team game mode, that means those players would only be available in Ultimate Team mode. A feature which might even help EA get more licenses for its players database likely for cheaper price - as it would be use them only in one mode of the game.

Anyway, FIFA 15 and FUT 15 Wishlist is up at FIFPlay under URL: www.fifplay.com/fifa15-wishlist

Good luck with your wishlisting!

March 7, 2014

FIFA 15 Ideas

FIFA 15 Wishlist page is live since last September at FIFPlay.com.

There you can write your ideas and suggestions for upcoming FIFA video-game, FIFA 15. This page is available at www.fifplay.com/fifa15-wishlist and has got over 1,3000 comments (ideas) so far.

You can also write your FUT 15 wishlist there.

There is also a survey on FIFA 15 Leagues which has received recently over 1 million votes. The page is accessible at www.fifplay.com/fifa15-leagues-vote

There is currently no any officially confirmed news about FIFA 15, but you can find the latest on this game at FIFA 15 page - www.fifplay.com/fifa15

February 27, 2014

iOS 7.0.6 Bug Report

iOS 7.0.6 Bug

Bug on iOS 7.0.6
iOS 7.0.6 Bug

iOS 7.0.6 is released on 21st of February 2014 with important security and bug fixes for iPhone, iPad and iPod, but it appears that some bugs still exist.

The buggy situation you can see in the picture above still happens not oftentimes but sometimes when you close two apps together at the same time (with two fingers) on iOS 7.0.6. After closing the apps, you will see one of the app's icons is still down there which means one of the apps you closed was actually not closed. To close that app, you need to tap its icon and re-open it, then double tap Home button and try to quit it again.

This happened for me on my iPad mini and my iPhone since iOS 7 update. I thought iOS 7.0.6 update will fix it but the issue happened again soon after OS update v7.0.6 on my iPad.

Hope Apple fixes all minor iOS glitches with the next update ...

September 17, 2013

FIFA 14 Leagues

Here is the list of all available leagues in FIFA 14.
The video above - made by FIFPlay, confirming FIFA 14 Leagues. At FIFPlay website you can also see the text list of FIFA 14 League (www.fifplay.com/fifa14-leagues)

There is also FIFA 14 Rest of the World list at FIFPlay: www.fifplay.com/fifa14-rest-of-the-world

To get latest on FIFA 14 visit FIFA 14 page at FIFPlay.com

August 5, 2013

Why FIFA 14 Should Have Argentina League

Argentine League Logo

One of the football leagues which has never been in FIFA video-game series, is Argentina soccer league - known as Argentine Primera DivisiĆ³n.

I have been always wondering why EA does not include this league in its FIFA franchise. Well, I'm pretty sure it is about the licensing and official paperworks, but I guess it is definitely worth to pay for all those costly licenses and have Argentine Primera Division in the game.

Are you asking me why? Here I'm listing the reasons that EA should include this league in upcoming FIFA 14 video-game:

  • Argentina is one the world's football powers. Argentina national team has won 25 major international titles, including two FIFA World Cup titles.

  • Argentina has one the biggest football communities in the world. This point technically refers to the potential market that EA could target. With having over 41m population and having the soccer as the most popular sport, this country could guarantee that its young football fans would buy a video-game which has the Argentine Primera DivisiĆ³n playable.

  • The world's best footballer coming from Argentina. Well, where is Leo Messi coming from? Isn't Messi FIFA main cover star since 2012? ... reasonable, isn't it?

  • Argentinean FIFA fans are keen about it! ... Well, if you look at the statistics such as the voting poll that FIFPlay recently had for FIFA 14 Leagues, it shows that FIFA gamers from Argentina REALLY want their league in the game. Yes, they mean it! FIFA 14 Leagues poll got Over 100,000 votes and Argentina league got the most (over 34%). Plus, if you search "fifplay.com/vote" on twitter, you will see how many times this is been tweeted by Argentinean people.

  • PES 2014 will have Argentina clubs ... So, EA! Why don't you? Are you wanting to push your fans to leave FIFA and become PES fans?

So, what do YOU think? Should EA Sports include argentine league in FIFA 14?
Comment your opinion below!

- Vote for Argentine League in FIFA 14