February 6, 2016

Moving my Blog


I just moved my weblog to a new address, http://schah.at

So, bookmark schah.at as my personal homepage. You can find my photoblog and portfolio there too.


February 27, 2014

iOS 7.0.6 Bug Report

iOS 7.0.6 Bug

Bug on iOS 7.0.6
iOS 7.0.6 Bug

iOS 7.0.6 is released on 21st of February 2014 with important security and bug fixes for iPhone, iPad and iPod, but it appears that some bugs still exist.

The buggy situation you can see in the picture above still happens not oftentimes but sometimes when you close two apps together at the same time (with two fingers) on iOS 7.0.6. After closing the apps, you will see one of the app's icons is still down there which means one of the apps you closed was actually not closed. To close that app, you need to tap its icon and re-open it, then double tap Home button and try to quit it again.

This happened for me on my iPad mini and my iPhone since iOS 7 update. I thought iOS 7.0.6 update will fix it but the issue happened again soon after OS update v7.0.6 on my iPad.

Hope Apple fixes all minor iOS glitches with the next update ...

May 12, 2013

New Facebook Design

The new Facebook layout has been announced, which is aimed to focus more on the posts and stories from people you more care about and also to reduce clutter.

New Facebook Layout

The new Facebook layout is more clean and more user-friendly (at least to me). The design is also responsive, if your browser's screen size is above 1220px width the left navigation menu is wider while with below 1220px you will have a short version of it. The left hand side navigation is more clean and easier to use. Its dark background color also makes it more eye-catching while the content design (posts and stories) has the main attraction.

New Facebook Layout

On the topnav (top navigarion bar), you have the logo (just F), search box (with improved search functionality) and other navs such as Home, Find Friends, Messages and Notifications aligned on right hand side - Which I find it more friendly.

As for content design, I feel that the new look, looks a bit like Google Plus content design. I won't call Facebook designers copycat, because I believe the standards should be followed.

Don't worry if your Facebook account doesn't have the new Facebook layout yet, you can apply for it by going to www.facebook.com/about/newsfeed

November 27, 2012

My Design for a Health Campaign

Here are some of design sketches for a health campaign for youth people.

MSG Disadvantage
MSG Disadvantage - A poster to discourage people to use MSG in their food. see the entire post here: www.footballtainment.com/msg-disadvantages

Broccoli benefits poster - More info: www.footballtainment.com/broccoli-benefits

Smoking hurts your heart!

Eye Health
Eye health poster - especially for people who working over time with computer. See the details at www.footballtainment.com/eye-health

Sugar Disadvantage
Sugar disadvantages - A poster design to show that sugar could be dangerous for human health ... www.footballtainment.com/sugar-disadvantages

Feel free to share my health campaign poster designs!

October 28, 2012

Referee Game Video

Football Referee Trailer
Footballtainment Football Referee game (web-based game) first trailer - Simulating the referee wrong decision at 2010 FIFA World Cup semi-final match Germany-England.

Tools used to make this video: Adobe Illustrator CS6, Adobe Flash CS6, iMovie 11 and AudCity

You play the soccer referee game (Football Referee) at footballtainment.com/footballreferee